Went to my first meetup for Lolita Day… wearing JJ again! I love this dress to bits.
Everyone was super sweet and I had so much fun! Thanks to Nicole for the photo ♥
5 more days!

my life is complete.

Matching nails with my Jewelry Jelly ♥

Oh my goodness that dress is beautiful and you look so so adorable in it! I'm sorry if that seems weird I just really like sweet loli fashion >.<

Thank you!! It’s not weird at all! I was afraid to dip into sweet lolita but it’s really cute and fun :) Plus I looovee Jewelry Jelly haha ♥

clever-fox asked:

dia why are you so cute you need to stop i can't handle it

PLEASE HANDLE ME (with gentle care and lots of love). I just want to be cute for you :*

Anonymous asked:

I think you look cuter when you're not wearing lolita :(

Aw haha thank you! But I love lolita and how it makes me feel so I’ll continue wearing it - sorry! ;;

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